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Ministry event & Bible-teams

Ministry Events Europe
 For special events in Europe goto page Ministry & Events Europe .
Region Christian Leaders Eindhoven & surrounding: Another Special unity event that will take place every year in Sept/Oct for leaders of the region of Eindhoven and Surrounding. Escaping the Great Deception. Setup of this events is in the hands of the this team of RCLEO Network.  Join RCLEO ON FACEBOOK.............. by clicking  on
Bible teams
Our studies are a unique and popular method of Bible Study. View a one-week sample of the study of The Letters of John. To share this page
Group A

There are three Groups in our Church Bible Study Groups that were held in our area each week:

Plus there are six Small Groups that meet weekly in private homes. Please see the Small Group page for more details.

Minister's Bible Study


When: Wednesday (during school terms).

Where: Eindhoven region area

Time: 9.15 - 10.30am

Who: All ages welcome

What: We deal with a wide variety of subjects relating to everyday issues including; the existence of God, Is the Bible reliable? What is the relevance of Christianity today? Term 4 study will centre around Decision-making and finding God's will for our lives.

Group B

KYB (Know Your Bible)

A Ministry of GEG-Sanctuary Church International

Term 1 Jesus of Nazareth

Term 2 1 Chronicles

Term 3 Good News

Term 4 Amos and Micah

Where: under construction Prayerrooms

Time: all day long 24/7

Who: Men & Women of all ages

What: KYB is a Ministry of GEG International. It aims to develop Christian Men & women's knowledge of the Bible and their own personal Christian journey. There are many men & women KYB groups throughout Europe.

The KYB method is designed so that members engage with the Bible passage four times each week:

  • At home answering the daily questions

  • In group discussion

  • By the Leader's summary after the discussion

  • In the printed noted provided with each study

Benefits of the KYB course include:

  • A daily devotional pattern is established for each person and all are nurtured by God’s Word.

  • Discussion Leaders are trained and equipped for further service for God.

  • KYB Leaders are stimulated to study and become effective teachers of the Word.

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